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'Bizarre' Permit Sought for Purposeless Windmill in Amagansett

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East Hampton Town is mulling over an application for a non-functioning windmill planned for an Amagansett home. Called one of the more 'bizarre' requests the town has seen, the petition asks that a 1800s style 'ornamental' windmill be attached to the home at 14 St. Mary's Lane, a hilltop location overlooking Indian Wells Highway and Bluff Road. Builder Christian Fokine submitted the application at a recent zoning board meeting, and told the Star that he initially planned to construct a lighthouse on the site, but the owner, listed as ARF Trust, 'wanted something with a more local feel'. Modeled after East Hampton's Hook Mill, the proposed structure will have no added benefit to the house, unable to 'make wheat' or provide 'clean energy'. And we all know what a selling point wheat viability is these days. Nevertheless, Fokine calls it a 'landmark in the future', joining the area's older windmills around town. The board has two months to decide on this one.
Photo courtesy EH Star
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