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Win a Snazzy Monogramed Throw Blanket from The Elegant Setting!

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'Tis the giving season and we here at Curbed Hamptons are getting into the holiday spirit. Following in the wake of our big-city counterparts, we'd like to introduce the Curbed Hamptons Giveaway Extravaganza, a month of contests to help our readers cross off people on their shopping lists. Check back throughout December for freebies galore. Publicists, purveyors, shopkeepers and friends: Have a gift offer? Let us know here.

First up, a gift from Southampton. The Elegant Setting has so kindly offered up this cozy cotton blue throw blanket, an exclusive item to the store and custom embroidered with a Hamptons monogram. Straight from Main Street, it retails for $160. The throw measures 55" x 70" and is machine washable too.

Want it? Now you have to win it. As the winter solitude sets in, Curbed Hamptons is asking potential throw-owners to send us your favorite offseason secret. (Example: Word on the street is that Blue Parrot's Thursday Karaoke Nights are quickly becoming the best night in town, a throwback to the Parrot of yesterday. Now you know.) It's no surprise that the East End is infinitely quieter this time of year, but the local community is still thriving, and basking in the glory of a trafficless Route 27. As always, creativity reigns, so if you think a poem, a song or a photo would best express your secret, send that our way too. Entries are due Wednesday at 6pm, emailed to We'll pick a winner and run the best submission by the end of the week.

Bonus points if you can pick up your prize at Curbed HQ in Manhattan (near Astor Place). If not, we'll ship it to you.