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Spanburgh Takes on The Moorlands, Latest Old House on the Move

Historic home watchdog Sally Spanburgh has filed one last time before the new year, addressing the approved renovations for the Southampton home once known as The Moorlands. The Halsey Neck Lane spread (which now goes by the decidedly cheesier name of Windswept) dates back to 1848 when it was built for H. H. Boyesen, a Norwegian writer and professor at Columbia University. Though old, the home is outside of the historic district, and the Architectural Review board approved significant renovations much to Spanburgh's chagrin. The archi-blogger is upset that The Moorlands' current owners intend to move the home to a more central location and build a number of additions in order to double the house's size. Though the changes aren't unfitting, Spanburgh doesn't feel that the architect was 'inventive' enough in his plans. In keeping with her other crusade, she notes that The Moorlands also a carriage house that was demolished sometime after 1979. And the war wages on...
· 'The Moorlands,' aka 477 Halsey Neck Lane [SHVR]