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The Top 5 New Stores of 2009

Next up in the 2009 recap extravaganza - shopping! Check out these fine retail establishments who opened their doors in the year now gone. N.B. East Hampton appears early and often on this countdown due to the insane number of new stores added to Main Street and Newtown Lane during '09.

5) Hermès - Taking on a marquee Main Street building, Hermès made French luxury waves during its first East Hampton year. Though the shop took some gentle ribbing for exorbitantly priced beach towels, it remains one of the more aesthetically pleasing retail experiences in town.

4) Nikki Eve - Opening its doors in May, this new vintage emporium was a welcome addition to one of the more charming shopping scenes. Free from most brand names, Sag Harbor maintains a quaint Main Street with offerings like Nikki Eve, a British wonderland of classic and reconstructed designs.

3) Tommy Hilfiger - Tommy Hilfiger came to town early, opening in March in the grand former home of Coach on East Hampton's Main Street. A perfect fit for the East End set, the designer's preppy duds and cool silkscreened tees made for a successful season one.

2) Diane Von Furstenberg - With wrap dresses and bathing suits in tow, DVF entered the Hamptons scene on Southampton's Jobs Lane last April. With a well-designed shop and rumors of an East Hampton expansion, the city staple has quickly made an East End name for herself.

1) J.Crew-at-the-Beach - The Memorial Day relocation of East Hampton's J.Crew proved to be one of the splashier entrances on the local retail scene. With a gorgeous new store perhaps triple the size of its former home, the booming brand's shop has been consistently crowded from day one.