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Offbeat Amagansett Treehouse Offers Impressively Lofty Views

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From the inbox: A tipster points us to this listing in Amagansett, a funky modern with some soaring views. On the market for $1.195 million, the home is dubbed a 'vertical townhouse', with stacked rooms, high windows and the all important grandfathered third floor. (The height is a rarity, with permits for three stories no longer offered.) At 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, the 2,500 square footer is small, but not without artsy charm, particularly with the surrounding 2 acres of woods. The treehouse feel is most apparent from the roof deck, which shows off expansive Gardiners Bay views and supports our tipster's theory that this is the tallest house in Amagansett. An unconfirmed, but fun, dinner party fact if we've ever heard one.
· Modern Home with Treetop Waterview [Sotheby's]