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Jersey Shore's J-WOWW Wants Hamptons Spinoff For Herself

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Like a belated Christmas miracle we learn today that a cast member of MTV's Jersey Shore has her sights set on the Hamptons next summer. Daily Intel discovered an interview with J-WOWW in NJ's own Steppin' Out magazine in which she discusses her desire to bring the controversial reality show to the East End.

Quoth Ms. WOWW:

I would love to do a spin off of "Jersey Shore" in the Hamptons. It would be the New York version of “Jersey Shore.” I'm really not a Jersey girl. I'm from Long Island. I've always been a Hamptons girl. Almost everyone on the show is from New York. Next season I would like to represent Long Island and do behind the scenes in the Hamptons nightclubs. The fist pumpers in the Hamptons are more extreme. I feel like me and my friends could bring a more extreme version to MTV. ... But instead of putting girls with guys, I would put together more girls like me.
Fist pumpers of the Hamptons, your moment has arrived.
· Warning: Jersey Shore’s J-WOWW Headed to a Hampton Near You [NYM via Steppin' Out]