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Resto-Blogger Writes a Letter to Santa, Explains Lack of Chimney

The resto-blogger Bruce Buschel tackles fireplaces this week, addressing a letter to Santa about the latest troubles at his Bridgehampton restaurant set to open this spring. He explains that open fireplaces are 'outlawed' in Southampton Town, for fear of hyper children and rogue scarves getting caught in the flames. To this end, there is no chimney attached to the restaurant either, as those 'flip of a switch' gas numbers are easier to manage in a busy space. Buschel details his extensive decision making process in the letter, settling on a yellow brick option that he may very well paint black to better suit his interior design (see above). Finally he offers dear old St. Nick the promise of a present:

When Madonna stops by this year, I will get my new neighbor to sign a photograph for you, one of those, you know, arty photographs with net stockings and cigarettes. We're sure that's just what he wanted.
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