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Homeless Farmhouse in Sagaponack May Move Down the Road

The poster child of the Free House Movement on the East End appears to be getting a new home. The Star reports that a 1930s foursquare home on Hedges Lane in Sagaponack is likely moving down the road to an empty lot on the corner of Fairfield Pond Lane. According to the paper, the cost of the upheaval will be around $300,000. So far, the property's owner has received approval to demolish existing sheds and barns on the land, and has promised to move an 1830s farmhouse to its northwest corner. If all goes well, the remaining house will find a new home on a parcel donated to the Peconic Land Trust. Interestingly enough, that land was given to the trust in 1977 by Leonard and Ronald Lauder with provisions that if it's 'developed in any way, its sale must be used to pay for other efforts at preservation'. A number of legal hurdles still remain, and it's still unclear what the house will be used for if it does makes its way down Hedges Lane.
Photo courtesy EH Star
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