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Famed East Hampton Point Resort Relisted at $34 Million

On the StreetEasy wire, it seems the East Hampton Point Resort has been relisted at $34 million. First put on the market back in 2006 for a highly-debated $55 million, the 5 acre Three Mile Harbor spread caused a scene as a result of what some thought was an inflated price. Now, a few years later and $21 million cheaper, the resort hits the market again, advertising thirteen guest cottages and seven suites, along with a restaurant, marina, pool and tennis. Endless possibilities? You bet. The Town & Country listing boasts:

Intimate enough to be considered for a private family compound, yet established enough to continue in the world class style this resort now enjoys. The possibilities are endless.. .a World Class Spa, a Private Yacht Club, what does your imagination suggest?
Well now, let that imagination run wild and take a look around.
· Listing: East Hampton Point Resort [T&C]
· East Hampton Point Resort [StreetEasy Hampton]

East Hampton Point

295 Three Mile Harbor Hog Creek Road, , NY 11937 (631) 324-9191 Visit Website

East Hampton Point

295 Three Mile Harbor Rd., East Hampton, NY