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Cooking With Laurent Tourondel, Lover of East End Cuisine

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Edible East End's latest issue is out and in it one finds a charming tale about chef Laurent Tourondel, master of the BLT restaurant empire. A fan of East Hampton for nearly twenty years, Tourondel now cooks from his kitchen in Springs, an 'immaculate' space complete with a Provence blue La Cornue stove, 'the French Rolls Royce'. Take pleasure in its beauty above. In the piece, the chef acknowledges his love of the small town feel of the Hamptons, and says his regular East End rotation includes the beach, Nick & Toni's and Round Swamp Farm.

During a cooking session in said immaculate kitchen, real life interjects:

Just as the cooking marathon is about to begin, there’s a knock on the front door. A hulking, bearded LIPA employee says he’s doing post-hurricane tree work trimming down the street and the power will be off. Tourondel looks at his watch. He tries to pin down how long the power will be off and after some uncomfortable back and forth, the arborist-electrician says, "As long as it takes." Tourondel, ever the professional, forged on with a premade cocktail and cake, and detailed his favorite East End recipes for a no doubt ravenously hungry reporter. Read them here.
· Comment dit-on 'clam pie'? [Edible]