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Resto-Blogger Applauds Nick & Toni's for Its Way With Wine

Bruce Buschel addresses his 100 Things critics once again this week, filing a post about number 23, "If someone likes a wine, steam the label off the bottle and give it to the guest with the bill". The offer was called 'laughable, unreasonable and pompous' by readers, but Buschel aims to give credit where credit is due. The resto-blogger experienced this perhaps exceedingly polite gesture firsthand at East Hampton standby Nick & Toni's, only with the added bonus of a laminated index card featuring his wine label. Grateful, Buschel hopes to extend some part of this service in his own forthcoming Bridgehampton eatery, noting that removing the label itself is really a rather amateur process. (And far from a 'pompous one', recognizing that 'Target sells label removers, so how snooty can this be?') In our digital age, the resto-blogger also realizes that there may be more efficient way of handling this issue all together - by whipping out the camera on your cell phone.
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