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Pike's Preservation Approved, Vegetables to Grow There Forever

The Press reports this week that much loved Pike's Farm Stand in Sagaponack has been officially saved from development. The years long battle virtually came to a close yesterday when the 'Suffolk County Legislature approved the purchase of development rights on 7.46 acres of farmland' surrounding the stand on Sagg Main Street. The sale is now nearly complete, with the Peconic Land Trust doing final fundraising efforts.

Funds from the County, Town and Trust will be compiled for the acquisition of the Hopping family farm to ensure that the property will continue to be used for agricultural purposes. The Pike family, who have leased the land from the Hoppings since 1987, will continue to grow vegetables and nothing else. Provisions accompanying the Peconic Land Trust's contribution mandate that 60% of the farm be used for food production and prevent trees or sod from being grown there in the future.
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