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BREAKING: Bridgehampton's Sandcastle is Chopped $10 Million

One for the ages! Builder Joe Farrell's beloved/loathed Sandcastle has been chopped. According to StreetEasy, the 31,000 square foot Bridgehampton estate lost $10 million this morning, bringing its price down from $59.5 million to $49.5 million. Farrell had previously said that he put his home on the market because of the intrigue surrounding it, building it with the intention to live there with his family. Could he want out? Has the basement skate park become too much to handle? Only time will tell. Listed since May, the Sandcastle delighted us all summer long, with tales of Jonas Brother interest and its $425,000 two-week rental. Even in winter, it doesn't let us down.
· 612 Halsey Lane [StreetEasy Hamptons]
· Listing: 612 Halsey Lane [Corcoran]