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New List Reveals Insane Taxes Paid By Hamptons' Top Homeowners

The Star looks into the strange world of real estate taxes this week, discovering that East Hampton and Southampton 'boast 62 of Long Island’s 100 top [residential] taxpayers'. An exclusive club indeed. The list, complied by online data service BlockShopper, reveals that owners pay mightily for some of the more iconic homes on the East End. The notables, after the jump.

In East Hampton, Jerry Seinfeld shells out $117,000 for his Further Lane spread. Calvin Klein appears twice on the list, paying nearly $170,000 a year for a West End Road house in East Hampton and $104,000 for his now torn-down castle in Southampton. West End Road alone boasts five properties in the rankings, with Klein's neighbors including Norma Lerner, Harvey L. Karp, and two homes in the Chambers family all paying in the six figures for the coveted real estate. In Water Mill, owners Vincent and Louise Camuto hand over $180,000 a year for Villa Maria. And in Wainscott, Stuart Rahr pays $150,000 for his $45 million Burnt Point estate.

Of course, Ira Rennert's 63 acre Sagaponack estate takes the cake. The billionaire investor pays Southampton Town $483,000 a year for his 66,000 square foot home, and 44,000 square feet of 'other buildings'.
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