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Resto-Blogger Answers Questions, Reveals The Dumpster Bar

In a question and answer post, Bruce Buschel returns to his recently revealed 'dumpster bar', supplying the rendering above. Well, ain't she pretty. The resto-blogger told the masses a few weeks back that his forthcoming fish restaurant would have a bar fashioned out of the dumpster sitting in its backyard. Now we learn some vital details about this transformative process.

"The dumpster was minding it's own business on the construction site when it appeared to me as a thing of beauty: steel, oxide red, recessed compartments, appearing old and barnacled, with a thousand trashy stories to tell, but smooth to the touch and easy on the eye." A dream scenario for the green among us. Look for Buschel's creation when the Bridgehampton eatery opens this Spring.
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