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Madonna, Still Homeless, Eyes Bridgehampton House 'For the Help'

Market savior Madonna is back in the news this week with word that the singer is eyeing another Mitchells Lane property in Bridgehampton. It seems the star has her sights set on Shady Maple Farm, a $4.4 million farmhouse just down the road from her most recent rumored acquisition, Wild Ocean Farm. It's now a well known fact that Madonna won't be able to build a home on those 30 acres, and it seems she won't be unpacking at this new abode either. The Post reports that Shady Maple, a 1930s 4 bedroom farmhouse with 2 barns, will be for the horsewoman's 'hired help'. Ah, to be a groom in that stable. The paper also notes that Amagansett resident and FOM (friend of Madonna) Gwyneth Paltrow worked with the Corcoran broker representing the property, which is owned by architectural designer Michael Minkoff. Developing...
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