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Southampton to Draw New Map, Clear Up Dubious Hamlet Borders

The mysterious section of Bridgehampton often called 'Water Mill' for census purposes will finally get a true identity. Southampton Town is redrawing its map in order to solidify the borders of its 18 hamlets. The clarification will resolve 'where the conventional wisdom of residents conflicted with the unofficial boundaries of hamlets as established in the U.S. Census'. Hear that? Urban legends no longer apply to your address! The local border control is focusing its efforts on figuring out the Bridgehampton/Water Mill division, an area which has long been the cause of confusion for residents who believe they live in one hamlet, while records say they live in another. The new map is for 'civic purposes' and will have no tax or legal implications, only providing relief to those who haven't known what town to call home.
· Southampton Town Details Hamlet Boundaries in New Map [SH Press]