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Winter Rentals Now Being Offered as Peaceful Seasonal 'Getaways'

The creativity of the winter rental market is unsurpassed. Hamptons Online delves into the world of offseason leases this week, looking at the latest angle, The Hamptons Winter Getaway. This beaches-look-better-in-snow mentality has sprung up across the East End, with owners looking to rent their homes during the newly 'vibrant' offseason. As expected, values are infinitely better during the cold months, with the price range for a three-bedroom home between $1,500 and $5,000 a month, a far cry from the summer numbers. Most brokers believe that water views still reign, particularly if the getaway is being offered as an artists' or writers' retreat. Nothing says solitude like rolling waves. 'Walk to the village' comes in a close second, with the appeal of going for a winter morning's stroll to town, snowshoes not included.
· Market Your Winter Rental As a Getaway [Hamptons Online]