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HC&G's Hamptons Real Estate Roundup, Winter Edition

The Holiday Issue of Hamptons Cottages and Gardens has hit the streets, and this month's Deeds & Don'ts feature includes a few items of note. A functioning Page Six of the Hamptons real estate set, the column never fails to peak our interest. Any juicy tidbits of your own? Feel free to send them our way...

· Last Hurrah: At summer's end, things picked up, as 'the season closed with an upswing in land and home sales between $2 and $5 million.'

· Movers & Shakers: During the high season's last weeks, notable properties moved millions. 'Town & Country Real Estate's Theresa Eurell listed and sold actress Tuesday Weld's Montauk beach house for $6.75 million, while Corcoran's Susan Breitenbach moved $40 million in inventory in just three weeks.'

· For Rent: To sum up the rental season, Elliman's Tom MacNiven tells the mag that it was the brokers who made it happen. 'Rental prices were a little lower than in the past, rental terms were a bit shorter and agents worked longer and harder to put deals together—but the rental season was a strong one.'

· Fall Buyers: Turnover came in the form of buyers, as the 'testing the waters' frame of mind was successful for many. 'Summer renters often become fall buyers, and that is proving true again.'

· Less Lots: One firm believes it's mastered the land market. 'As luxury homebuilders prepare for a rebound, there have been steady vacant land sales among several Corcoran brokers.'

· Staying South: The highway still divides, and positive outlooks remain according to Corcoran's Susan Breitenbach. 'People are buying in the lower ranges south of the highway where they possibly couldn't afford a couple of years ago...The stock market is up, there will be some good bonuses on Wall Street, interest rates are down and consumer confidence is up.'
· Deeds and Don'ts [HC&G]