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Future Farm Owner Madonna Pegged as Latest Market Savior

The local papers pick up the Madonna story this week, detailing the history of Wild Ocean Farm, the 26 acre spread the star is rumored to be buying from Kelly Klein in a brokerless deal. The Press reports that the Mitchells Lane property was owned by the local Graboski family for many years, as well as by actress Stefanie Powers of Hart to Hart fame. Details are scant on the purported deal, but George Simpson, owner of Suffolk Research Service, does tell the paper that Madonna's arrival is 'nothing but good news for the East End'. Simpson believes, 'It's what feeds the Hamptons is celebrity...If P. Diddy throws a party, then the price of real estate goes up.' For the sake of the market, let's hope Wild Ocean hosts the White Party next summer.
Image via Google Maps and Radar
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