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The Top 10 Most Expensive Rentals for Summer 2010

As 2009 comes to a close we now take stock of the summer ahead and what the '10s will have in store for the rental market. The Memorial Day-Labor Day listings are coming together quickly, prepping for a (hopefully) busy winter season of lease signings. With that said, here's a look at what's on the market of the future, the most expensive rentals listed for summer 2010. It's never too early to starting looking.

10) The Rental: Post Modern, Southampton
MD-LD: $559,000
The Skinny: A new construction, this small but pretty Southampton home comes with access to a 'private beach' and mooring rights
Listing: Private Beach and Mooring Rights [T&C]

9) The Rental: Fordune, Water Mill
MD-LD: $575,000
The Skinny: Near the Atlantic, this 10,000 square footer comes with ocean access and basketball courts (plural!) for the sportive among us
Listing: Water Mill South Estate [Corcoran]

8) The Rental: Dunes Compound, Amagansett
MD-LD: $575,000
The Skinny: Not one but two homes set in the dunes, these twin moderns combine for 10 bedrooms and 12 baths
Listing: Amagansett Dunes Oceanfront Compound [Hampton Homes]

7) The Rental: Great Plains Road, Southampton
MD-LD: $575,000
The Skinny: A well-appointed 7 bedroom, 10.5 bath traditional, this Great Plains rental offers the all-important 1:1 fireplace:bedroom ratio
Listing: Spectacular Great Plains Road Rental [S&A]

6) The Rental: Lily Pond Lane, East Hampton
MD-LD: $575,000
The Skinny: With a marquee address, this 10,000 square foot 'cottage' is offered for the summer with promises of 'superb furnishings' and 'every amenity'
Listing: East Hampton [Elliman]

5) The Rental: Georgica Estate, East Hampton
MD-LD: $600,000
The Skinny: New yet small, this 4 bedroom estate boats a walk to the village and Main Beach location, with a 'grand' foyer and giant chandelier to boot
Listing: Brand New Elegant Traditional... [MSP]

4) The Rental: Oceanfront, Bridgehampton
MD-LD: $600,000
The Skinny: With a funky shaped pool, this oceanfront offers 'extensive entertaining spaces' and a private walkway to the Atlantic
Listing: Bridgehampton [Elliman]

3) The Rental: Heady Creek Estate, Southampton
MD-LD $750,000
The Skinny: An old-timey house with pretty views, this estate on a creek offers a magnificent setting and a 'sparkling swimming pool'
Listing: Southampton Estate Area [BHS]

2) The Rental: Norman Jaffe Oceanfront, Southampton
MD-LD: $750,000
The Skinny: A modern on the beach, this starchitect designed 'oasis' is a contemporary beach house (with questionable decor) through and through
Listing: Stunning Norman Jaffe Oceanfront [Sotheby's]

1) The Rental: 'Classic Oceanfront', Southampton
MD-LD: $850,000
The Skinny: The winner comes in under a million, and offers classic Hamptons living on the ocean, with 'distinctive' rooms and 4 acres of privacy
Listing: Classic Southampton Oceanfront [T&C]

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