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Madonna Set to Buy Acres of Bridgehampton Farmland, Sans House

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Big news from Bridgehampton: The Post reports that Madonna is finally buying her long-desired Hamptons farm, 30 acres of land at 450 Mitchells Lane. The property, Wild Ocean Farm, is owned by noted horsewoman (and ex-wife of Calvin) Kelly Klein, who reportedly sold it to the singer for under $10 million, and without the use of a broker. Klein put the word out this fall that the north-of-the-highway land was up for sale, and Madonna quickly scooped it up, despite the fact that there is no home on the farm. Sources tell the paper that there might be a groom's apartment, but the lodging stops there.

Madonna is reportedly also looking to buy 24 acres at 1151 Millstone Road (a.k.a. 10 Mitchells Lane) for $2.4 million. That purchase would likely be just for riding horses as well, as 'internal broker notes reveal' that Suffolk County has already bought (or at least in the process of buying) that property's development rights. Where Madonna will actually lay her head on the East End, we'll have to wait and see.
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