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Seafield Estate Owners Reveal Home's One-of-a-Kindness

The Times lifts the veil off Westhampton Beach's Seafield Estate this weekend, speaking to its owners for an article about one-of-a-kind homes on Long Island. The 1903 house has garnered attention in recent months after a power-sharing deal between Brown Harris Stevens and Prudential Douglass Elliman was implemented, and the price of the once $39 million property was chopped down to $29 million. Current owners Len and Kathryn Conway revealed that the Henry Bacon designed home was 'in a state of relative neglect when they bought it in 1994', and that they spent two years on its renovation. Sadly, the Conways declined to say how much they paid for the 10.4 acre property fifteen years ago, but something tells us this deal will be a profitable one.

Part of the restoration of the now 24-room, 16,000 square foot home included removing beams, raising ceilings and combining rooms to create more suite-like living areas. Hence, the estate's one-of-a-kind status comes into play. Conway told the paper that recreating the house now would be impossible, and replacing it with a more modern design would cost at least $1,000 per square foot. Take that, future owners, take that.
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