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Broker Beat: Fredericks Tells of Renovations, Warhol's Toupé

The Star profiles longtime Hamptons broker Tina S. Fredericks this week, whose 45 year career has been perhaps the most storied on the East End. After a career at Condé Nast in the 1940s, Fredericks bought a carriage house on Georgica Road in 1950. She designed the house herself and convinced McCall's magazine to pay for the renovations in exchange for photographs of the process. In the early '60s, Fredericks divorced her husband and was told by the Riverhead Chamber of Commerce that a woman in her position could 'either wait on tables, tend bar, or sell real estate'. She chose the latter and ended up becoming one of the most iconic names in the East End market. Perhaps her most infamous sale was Eothen, Andy Warhol's Montauk estate. Fredericks told the paper that Warhol and Paul Morrissey paid $225,000 for the property in 1971 while the artist was renting in Southampton. The house became notorious for hosting some of the most famous names of the 1970s, but Fredericks claimed that "Andy hardly spent any time there because his toupé kept blowing away". Clients. Morrissey sold Eothen to J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler in 2007 for nearly $30 million.
Photo via Hamptons Online
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