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Curbed PriceUpper: North Haven Estate Listed at $25 Million

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Wowsa. Fall's biggest listing just got a little bit bigger, as the North Haven home of late ad legend Phil Dusenberry has jumped to $25 million. Listed in late October for $18 million, the Ferry Road estate was upped $7 million today. On 11 acres, the property boasts a 6,800 square foot home with some rather heavenly water views of Sag Harbor, as well as a separate lot zoned for a 3,800 square foot home. Two for the price of one! The Peter Cook-designed space has only 5 bedrooms and 6.5 baths, but features an amenity so random it must be worth something. Quoth the listing: "Heated gunite pool overlooks the water. Positioned so that when not in use off-season it is not visible from the residence." Pool covers are so unsightly these days.
UPDATE: Word from an insider confirms that the priceupping comes after the vacant parcel was added into the listing. So, $18 million house + $7 million land = $25 million megalisting
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