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Amagansett Stable May Subdivide, Close Most of Its Business

After nearly 50 years, Amagansett's much loved Stony Hill Stables may soon close. Owner Elizabeth Hotchkiss has filed an application with the East Hampton Planning Board to subdivide her 10 acre property, a move that would shut down the long-standing riding academy and pony camp. Hotchkiss hopes to create three lots, including one with her own home, out of two acres and preserve the remaining eight acres of land as a boarding facility for horses. The 'flux of clientele' was blamed for closure and the elimination of many of the business aspects of the stable. Hotchkiss tells the Star that she had initially tried to get the town to buy development rights to the land, but they weren't interested. At last week's meeting, the board was not entirely convinced about the placement of the separated lots, mentioning that they didn't want 'a real Levittown look'. Noted. A long debate remains, but it does seem as though the farm as many knew it will soon be gone.
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