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RackedHampton: White's to Fight The Man in New Local Ads

In an effort to dispel rumors about high prices, East Hampton's White's Pharmacy has turned to the power of advertising to prove that the Main Street shop is just your average drug store. A new local ad campaign will target 'corporate counterparts' (ahem, CVS) by showing that White's sells name-brand products at the same prices, but 'with better advice'. The 136 year old shop has been hurt by the effects of the harsh economy, particularly since it's best known for selling high-end cosmetics from some of the most noteworthy real estate in the village. Pharmacist and owner Vinnie Alibrandi offers up his time and storytelling abilities for the cause, telling the Press, "What my patients need is to be advised, even when it's not for a prescription item. ...Another store might say, 'Where is the profit margin after a five-minute speech about the product?' There is none, but that's what we do." Hear that? White's: Low prices and speeches, it's what they do.
· New Pharmacy Ads Aim to Level Retail Playing Field [EH Press]

White's Pharmacy

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