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Solicitations: Name the Decade's Best Hamptons Houses!

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Top of the morning, Curbed readers! We hope the off-season is treating you well. In order to spice up the November doldrums, Curbed HQ has some excitement in store next week, but first, we need your help. The big idea: we're gathering a list of the best new houses of the '00s for some sort of Top 10 extravaganza. We've put the word out to architects, developers, experts, and now, you!

Interested? Awesome! Start thinking: residential is our main focus, but if a commercial structure is the object of your affection, send it our way too. As long as it was built after 2000 on the East End, it qualifies. We're looking for nominees and a brief description of what makes the house so great. From those suggestions we'll assemble the list and include bits of submitted commentary for good measure. Send your thoughts via the comment section or email ideas to Merci!