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Celebs: Hampton Star Map Plagued by Customer Loyalty

Earlier this summer, intrepid Horace Mann junior Carter Glatt began selling the Hampton Star Map, the East End's answer to the celebrity house guides of Hollywood. The 16 year old entrepreneur did meticulous research for the project, publishing his first two thousand copies with money made scooping ice cream at Southampton's MaggieMoo's. This week, the New Yorker recaps his first season, discovering that though the idea sounded profitable, the map proved to be a harder sell than one would think. The problem: customer loyalty, with a side of ageism. Glatt said the 'kid factor' certainly raised a few eyebrows on sales appointments, but more often than not, businesses didn't want to carry the map in case their more famous clients were offended by it. Such is life on the East End. To the internet! The Hampton Star Map is sold though its website, and plans for a second edition (with sponsors!) are in the works
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