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Angry Mobs Continue to Protest Resto-Blogger's List of Don'ts

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The Star takes a look at Bruce Buschel's growing list of enemies on the East End this week, discovering that the resto-blogger's now infamous list of 100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do has earned him more than his fair share of hate mail. The thousands of Times commenters were not alone in expressing their distaste for the novice restauranteur's waitstaff wish list, and now Buschel's local colleagues are taking the man to task.

As the article notes, the 'victuals hit the fan' when Buschel published the 'insulting' blog posts for his Start-Up Chronicles column, drawing criticism from servers and restaurant owners alike. Most notably, Buschel's future neighbors on the Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike expressed concern, with Bay Burger's Liza Tremblay wondering how he planned to find 'suitable' staff that he could afford. Colin Ambrose of Estia's Little Kitchen felt Buschel joined the 'fraternity' of local restauranteurs on his own, a move that won't endear him to the family when his fish-only eatery opens in the spring. The resto-blogger, though a genius at self-promotion, has some neighborly groveling to do.

But perhaps the best result of the 100 Things controversy is the newly formed Boycott Bruce Buschel's Restaurant Facebook page. Sure, it only has three members and is based in Binghamton (not Binghampton!), but its existence reminds us why all restaurants should blog their way to an opening. Nothing fills seats like a good ole' protest.
Photo courtesy EH Star
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