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In a Perfect Union, the Sandcastle is Featured on MTV's Teen Cribs

The reality TV gods are smiling on the Hamptons once again. Apparently, Joe Farrell's Sandcastle made its MTV debut recently, featured on Teen Cribs, the youthful version of the channel's celebrity house tour program of yesteryear. The meeting of the $59.5 million mansion with the network now best known for My Super Sweet 16 was a thrilling one. Hosted by Farrell's teenage cousins (yes, cousins) who wandered through the bedrooms, closets and skate park of the East End estate, we learn that the 30,000 square foot home has a multi-bunk bed bedroom and a Dance Dance Revolution area in the basement. Farrell also admits that the movie Ironman was the inspiration behind the lower level, falling in love with the 'the glass-and-metal-edge basement' in the film. Tragically, the episode doesn't appear to be online yet, but one can imaging the manse in all its MTV glory.
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