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Resto-Blogger Reveals Plans for Bar, Booths and LIRR Trains

In a design-based post, Resto-Blogger Bruce Buschel reveals a few interior clues about his forthcoming Bridgehampton fish restaurant. With winter approaching, loose ends are being tied up as there is a rush to 'enclose the building', which by the owner's count, is two-thirds of the way done. Buschel offers high praise for his old school, calculator-wielding architect, who has helped guide the first-time restauranteur through the maze that is a planning board and much more.

When he gets to specifics, Buschel discloses that a 'gorgeous rust-colored dumpster that once collected refuse on the construction site is now being torn apart and refashioned as a bar. Don't ask.' Ok. I guess we won't, but remember those words, future bar-sitting diners. Aside from the recycled bar, he also reveals his latest booth design, black cushioned numbers 'on a stack of railroad ties'. Why the ode to trains? It seems the location of the restaurant is just a touch close to the LIRR tracks that pass through Bridgehampton. 'A shout away', as he puts it. Buschel notes that 'you can hear the whistle whenever a train goes by, which is, sadly for commuters and luckily for diners, rare'. How rare? The whistle likely blows infrequently enough for patrons to care, but might make the chefs and waitstaff a bit annoyed on peak Friday nights in the summer. Then again, Buschel's crew should have enough to worry about.
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