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Swan Closed: East Hampton's Pink House Went for $19M

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This week's recorded deeds reveal that Summer 2009's most whimsical high-priced sale was to the tune of $19 million. The pink East Hampton estate known as Swan Cove went on and off the market in July, selling within days of its listing to investment banker Peter J. Solomon. Solomon, who purchased the home under the ingeniously named Pink House LLC, was reported at the time to have paid just under the $22.5 million asking price for the three acre spread, closing the deal this September.

Solomon now officially joins a long list of notable owners of the 1903 estate, having purchased the home from the family of late Ziegfeld Follie Mary Howard de Liagre, who died earlier this year. Before De Liagre, the home was owned by actor Robert Montgomery and his daughter, good witch Elizabeth Montgomery, while its first owners were a part of East Hampton's earliest elite. The home was once a diary barn on the epic Frank B. Wiborg, converted to a summer cottage by his son-in-law and daughter, Gerald and Sara Murphy. The Murphys, for their part, are long believed to be the inspiration behind characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night. Oh, if those swans could talk
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