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Four Seasons Caterer in Battle with NYC Restaurant, and More!

1) Earlier this week, the Daily News reported that Southampton's Four Seasons Caterer has become a target of Four Seasons Restaurant owner Alex Von Bidder. Von Bidder's lawyers have sent catering company owner Jean Mackenzie a cease and desist letter stating that her use of the name violates the New York restaurant's trademark rights. Mackenzie, who also owns Clamman in Southampton, doesn't understand why her company is being singled out of the many 'Four Seasons' around the country, but sources tell the paper that the caterer's 'A-list clientele' might have something to do with it. [NYDN]

2) In Bridgehampton, Copa Wine & Tapas continues to roll out the specials, now offering a weekly wine deals. Expect a 50% discount off any bottle of wine on Thursday nights and live performances by Brazilian jazz vocalist Ludmilla at 7:30pm. [EH Star]