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Local Architecture Critic Not a Fan of the Decade's New Houses

In our quest to find the Best New Houses of the Decade, we spoke with Anne Surchin, East End architect and architecture columnist for the Press. Interestingly enough, Surchin told us that she didn't like 'any of the houses built in the last 10 years'. Color us suprised. She explained that though she wasn't a fan of anything new, she found many recent renovations to be 'wonderful'. Her favorites among the restoration set were specifically Rosemary Lodge in Water Mill and Maycroft in North Haven, a home that received much praise following its transformation from a nunnery last year.

Surchin continued by saying that 'they could have come down, but the owners chose to preserve and update [the homes] - they were recast for the 21st century.' Clearly not fond of the modern movement, she noted her distaste with the 'McMansion' look as well. Every town's got a rebel.
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