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Hamptons Sellers Encouraged to Think of Curb Appeal As Sex Appeal

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In an effort to alleviate East End seller desperation, Hamptons Online investigates the value of curb appeal for houses on the market this week. No surprise, 'it's 90% of the battle'. To start, an analogy: 'curb appeal is to real estate [as] sex appeal is to men and women', says the article. So, dress that house up for a night on the town. The article suggests that the seller plant some flowers, buy a new mailbox and make sure everything 'looks fresh and crisp and snappy'. Also of note: the Internet, it's important. Judi Desiderio of Town & Country Real Estate believes that 'the computer has changed the way we serve our clientele, so make sure you have multiple photos and that they are of a very high quality'. Nobody likes a cell phone photo in a listing. To sum up, think of curb appeal as 'the nice blue box Tiffany's puts their diamonds in', and don't sell a house without it.
· Curb Appeal - It Matters! [Hamptons Online]