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Awards: Bates Masi Honored for Montauk 'Camping' House

From the inbox: Word is the modernist minds at Bates Masi + Architects have taken home the local AIA chapter's Archi Award for the Lakeside residence, a Montauk property 'designed to evoke the experience of camping'. Far from your average tent, the 3,250 square foot home features 36' wide retractable glass walls that 'seamlessly' blend the indoor and outdoor living space. The owners, who spent summers in Montauk as children, were looking for a home that connected the two, wanting 'this house to be totally modern but to remind them of those happy times when they spent so much of day living outdoors,' according to the firm's own Paul Masi. Mission accomplished. For more of Bates Masi's modern marvels, click here.
· Bates Masi + Architects [Official Site]