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EaterHampton: First Legal EH Farmstand Fighting for Walls

Big news: the first ever legal farmstand is about to be built in East Hampton. Produce sellers will be lawless renegades no more, but they may continue to be wall-less shopkeepers. As with all things new, the lack of a precendent created some confusion for the town's planning board, who approved the application for the Cedar Street set-up without making provisions for the stand to have walls. It appears the town code only allows moveable, sideless 200 square foot structures to be deemed a farmstand, something that doesn't sit well with the stand's future proprietor, Diane Russo. Russo believes 'marauding animals' will be too troublesome without proper produce protection, and was told to appeal to the local building inspector about the issue. Suggestions such as 'fold-up walls' were made by the town, and one board member claimed that he 'really [took] offense' to the code's bizarre requirements. Perhaps he's been bothered by marauding animals too. No conclusion has been reached, though permits for the stand, fields and a horse farm have been approved.
Image: Google Maps
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