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In Listings: FREE House in Sagaponack (Land Not Included)

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Free. Yes, freeeeeee. This 'Circa 1900s' Sagaponack farmhouse is listed for a big, fat $0 by Elliman. Don't get too excited, the land isn't included in the deal, but the ad does offer you a piece of Sagaponack history for the plump sum of nothing. 'Call and it's yours to pick up and take away!' Hear that, house movers? We got a live one. The 1/2 page listing appears in this week's Press, but doesn't seem to have an online home as of yet. No word on house size or condition, but one might assume the owners have fallen victim to the newly enacted Sagaponack law protecting anything old, and need their pricey land for a more suitable living space. Kudos to them for trying to find it a good home. [CurbedWire]