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EaterHampton: Resto-Blogger Buys Tools, Make Decisions

Resto-Blogger Bruce Buschel is at it again, this week divulging his deep fear of all things hardware. A handyman, he is not. While little is revealed about the actual Hamptons restaurant-making process in this particular post, we do learn that Buschel has developed an affection for True Value, and 'those taciturn fellows who wear long sleeves and work boots all summer, work inside and still have tans'. Well said. Dealing with contractors is not something Buschel was wholeheartedly prepared for. 'I wanted to own the circus, not put up the tents and peer into funhouse mirrors,' he says, admitting his own delusional ways. Wanting to be a hands-on owner, he makes final decisions himself, grappling with the endless options that the construction field supplies. In the end, Southampton's notoriously nitpickish review boards have helped make those decisions, and Buschel is no longer completely 'Alice in Hardwareland'.
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