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EaterHampton: WHB Officials Take on Rebellious Food Trucks

Westhampton Beach Village Board Member Jim Kametler has persuaded local police to check up on the band of possibly renegade food trucks selling sandwiches in the area. It seems some 'mobile food vendors' may be living in a permitless, lawless society, offering lunches to Westhamptonites with no accountability. Kametler would also like to see a $5,000 fee put in place for permit acquisition, a hefty increase from the current $0 application cost. Village law (and reason) will prevent that from ever happening, but the fight doesn't end there. Kametler is also concerned that food trucks are taking business away from local delis, namely by parking near construction sites, a practice that most builders love. NYS law won't allow Westhampton to outlaw food trucks all together, but the forecast is bleak with some local officials on a witch hunt. Get those free permits while you can.
Photo: MBG
· Board Member Wants Police to Monitor Mobile Food Vendors... [SH Press]