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Pre-Destructoporn: Tear Down at 450 Gin Lane is Approved

The Southampton Village Review Board approved a controversial tear-down request at 450 Gin Lane on Monday. The circa 1900 carriage house named Tide's End is part of the estate of Grenville Kane Walker, which is being sold by his daughter for $19.9 million. (It was infamously priceupped last July.) The main house was washed away during the Hurricane of 1938, and only a few structures remain on the coveted land. The oceanfront property near Old Towne Beach reportedly has a buyer lined up on the condition that the house is torn down, according to the SH Village Review Blog. That site also reveals that board members were inclined to approve the proposal on the grounds that the carriage house is 'visually incoherent' without the original structure in place.
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