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Beach Wars: Kalikow v. Beachgoers in Montauk Land Battle

Ben Zwirn, a candidate for East Hampton Town Supervisor, vowed to 'gang up on' Real Estate scion and former MTA chief Peter Kalikow last week after Montauk residents showed concern about his ownership of a small beach near his 12 acre estate. Ah, local politics. It seems Kalikow purchased the land in October 2007 for $2.5 million and closed it to the public, causing a stir since the beach's former owners had let residents come and go as they pleased. Kalikow's rep told the Press that his client had no immediate intention of selling the land back to the town, but instead hoped to build a home for his children on the property.

Kalikow reportedly closed the beach to the public after he found garbage left behind and became concerned about his responsibility in the case of a drowning, but still allows Montauk's annual triathlon to use the land. Organizers of the event supported him, despite their desire to see the beach open to the public again. Many feel that the town should have addressed this issue earlier, but that hasn't stopped the fight. The Committee to Save the Star Island Cove Beach held a meeting last week to raise awareness about the situation and plan lobbying efforts which they hope will pressure politicians into finding a way to get the land back. As election day looms, both candidates for Town Supervisor have promised to continue talks with Kalikow in the future.
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