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EaterHampton: Doughnuts Are Fall Favorite on the East End

The East End's pervasive doughnut industry got the Times treatment this weekend, as the economical treat is as popular as ever this fall. Among the Gray Lady's favorites: The Milk Pail's apple cider variety, Scoop du Jour's three flavors and Simon's jelly offerings. In Water Mill, the Milk Pail's Amy Halsey and Jennifer Halsey Dupree revealed that they use the locally beloved Dreesen's doughnut recipe, infusing each with cider made with apples from their family's orchard. At Scoop du Jour in East Hampton, true Dreesen's donuts live on in infamy, long after their namesake butcher closed up shop. Available in plain, cinnamon and powdered sugar, the Times reminds us that the treats are best served right out of the fryer, a Hamptons' golden rule. Following a few detours up Island, the piece settles on Simon's Beach Bakery Cafe in Westhampton Beach as its final stop on the doughnut tour. Known for its jelly-infused selections and a Boston cream pie inspired choice, the bakery is particularly popular around the Jewish holidays, when 'traditional sufganiyot, half-size jelly doughnuts rolled in powdered sugar' are available by the dozens.
· Locally Made Calories for Your Sweet Tooth [NYT]

Scoop Du Jour

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