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It Happened One Weekend: Coast Guard Controversy, More!

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1) The commander of Montauk's Coast Guard Station was relieved of his duties over the weekend stemming from a controversial training exercise inadvertently captured on camera. Newsday reports that the images of 'two $1.2-million 47-foot motor lifeboats' in the Hurricane Bill surf off Montauk Point prompted an investigation, after which it was deemed that the organization's 'heavy weather training policies' had been violated. Most of the Montauk maritime community was shocked by the decision. [Newsday]

2) The East End was home to a full-on high speed police chase on Saturday as a disoriented Westhampton woman led officers from Hampton Bays to Westhampton Beach, occasionally driving the wrong way on Sunrise Highway. After hitting a number of police cruisers and civilian vehicles, the 'emotioanlly disturbed' woman was arrested and brought to a local hospital for psychiatric evaluation. [SH Press]