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EaterHampton: Loving Blue Sky Review is a Touch Biased

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Shiny and new is the Star's take on, well, new Sag Harbor Mediterranean Blue Sky, as the paper bestows some of its most loving words on the restaurant. Forgetting Spinnaker's, the longtime former resident of the building on Main Street, Blue Sky is touted as 'big, bright, airy' and wonderful. The adjectives keep on coming, as the décor is noted for its 'charm', the service is called 'excellent' and the prices are a recession-friendly 'moderate'. Few complaints pepper the 'outstanding' food descriptions, leading one to believe that Blue Sky must be the second coming of Sag Harbor restaurants. That is, until we stumble upon a little 'full disclosure' from the reviewer at the end of the piece.

Like many people who live on the East End, I have two and a half jobs. Our waiter, Leo, is one of my colleagues at another restaurant where I am a pastry chef. He was also our waiter at Blue Sky. Since I was with some restaurant colleagues, he gave us the royal treatment. Not to say that all restaurant reviewers should take Bruni-like precautions about having their identities revealed, but it would be helpful, to ensure an unbiased experience, if a reviewer was not friends with the waiter.
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