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Market Reports: Third Quarter 'Mixed Bag' is Expectedly Mixed

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Local real estate agency Town & Country revealed its Q3 market report to The Real Deal yesterday, unsurprisingly detailing a good news/bad news theme of the past few months. From the same period in 2008, home sales were down only 2.33% (251 transactions versus 257), though homes under $500,000 fell a steeper 21.74%. As for sales volume, of the eleven villages analyzed, five went up, and six went down. Well then, to the numbers!

Sales Volume Uppers: Amagansett, Bridgehampton, East Hampton Village, Shelter Island and Westhampton were all on the positive side of things, with EHV increasing its volume by a sizable 165%. Bridgehampton made out well with number of homes sold and volume too, moving 32 properties during Q3 2009 after only 20 last year.

Sales Volume Downers: East Hampton Area, Montauk, Sag Harbor Village, Sag Harbor Area (North Haven/Noyac), Southampton Village and Southampton Area (North Sea) did worse in the volume tally. Southampton area had a tough time of it with volume down 57%, but Sag Harbor was the worst of the bunch. The village's volume was down 89% and sales were way off - only 3 homes sold this quarter as compared with 17 during the same time last year.

The full report has yet to hit Town & Country's website, but an online doc is available at The Real Deal.
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