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In Listings: A Water Mill Parcel and Pool for $2.795 Million

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New to the market: a four bedroom, four bath traditional in Water Mill South for $2.795 million. A steal?! But wait, closer inspection of a listing photo and the description reveal that where there is smoke, there's fire. Literally. The house burned down. So pay no mind to that outdated kitchen, what's left of the home is no longer habitable and will be torn down at the seller's expense. Instead, build your dream house on the one acre parcel that already has a heated pool thankfully untouched by the flames.
· Listing: Farm Views - Water Mill South [BHS]

VITAL UPDATE: Changes afoot! Thank you to an intrepid commenter who noticed that BHS has now changed the listing. Burned house will now be replaced by a 'new Gambrel house' built by summer 2010. New Price: $5.75 million.