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Possible Pre-Destructoporn: Neighbor Wants SH House Gone

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Evelyn Konrad, a new lawyer and Southampton resident, is fighting a small war against 'overly large homes' in her Rosko neighborhood. She was awarded a victory recently, when a judge ordered builder Christopher Tufo to go through the architectural review process again for a home he is selling at 81 Leo's Lane, claiming that he did not provide notice in a newspaper of the hearing. The Press (and Tufo's lawyer) refute this, finding a 2007 notice of the public hearing for his application. Still, things went Konrad's way, perhaps owing to her new degree. Konrad became 'an attorney at the age of 76 because she had been running a dot-com business that was going under and needed to figure out something to do "to stay off the street".' The woman has chutzpah, to say the least.

Despite the plans for a motion to reargue the case, Konrad hopes that the house will be demolished. She argued that all Rosko residents should have been alerted to the hearing and Tufo's plans to build a sizable 4,250 square foot home. The house on Leo's Lane is now listed for $3.25 million with Corcoran, and barring it doesn't get torn down in the near future, it will remain one of the largest homes in the neighborhood. Something tells us this battle is far from over. Konrad has vowed to fight for subdivision residents' rights at the federal level if she has too.
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