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On the Waterfront: Expired Permits Stop Work at 21 Water

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Sag Harbor's CondoWar has spread to a new development, specifically 21 Water Street, the rooftop-pooled extravaganza on the harbor. In this episode, the developers of the building have forgotten to renew their building permit with the village, resulting in a work stoppage at the site. The notable news in this story, said developers are East End Ventures, the same folks who've filed a $30 million lawsuit against Sag Harbor over the non-approval of a similar Ferry Road condo proposal.

Confusion looms over the matter, as project manager Mark D'Andrea believes the permit expired in June, while a Village Trustee is thinks the date is more like November 2008. Either way, a $45,000 renewal fee will have to be paid before work begins anew. Claiming the project is 90% complete, D'Andrea explained that the issue was just an oversight by the (disgruntled) developers, and that 'when you’ve got a project this complicated—there’s a swimming pool on the roof—it takes time to complete. It's never easy.' Paperwork: nothing compared to building a rooftop pool.
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